Liquid art, never to be reproduced again

Although Blake’s Hard Cider is known for the products found all across America in chain stores, it’s roots are in craft hard cider, not produced in large quantities. This love of creating small batch , unique hard ciders gave rise to the creation of the Liquid Gallery.

What is the liquid Gallery?

A collaboration with some of the Midwest’s most eclectic minds and Blake’s master makers, this exclusive beverage club showcased never-released, handcrafted libations that tell a story through artistry in each label, truly creating a one-of-a-kind experience for the enjoyer…and their friends if they choose to share.

Each “drop” would feature 3 different images created by an artist specifically for this product. The Art would all fit into a template that I designed so the artist was only focused on creating a unique piece of art and not  worrying about the “design” of the label. This would allow us to work with photographers, painters, street artists, basically any kind of visual artist.

Each Drop was sold as a set that also included a booklet with information about the artist and the product.

To re-force the "Art" aspect the labels were also printed with a special coating that was reflective to emphasize certain parts of the image. Each drop would feature a certain special printing technique that complimented the art.

Digital Promotions

This was primarily an E-commerce initiative as it was a subscription based program, which meant e-blasts and dgital promotions leading you to the website to sign up was the main focus of the campaign.

Teaser + Reveal Email


High Res Photography

With these products being priced higher than our typical ciders due to the exclusivity and to be able to compensate the artists properly, photography that re-enforced the variety of ingredients in a premium way was used to promote the product