Detroit's Authenthic
Boutique Hotel

When Patrick Thompson Design, an innovative Boutique Interior Design Studio, asked me to assist in the branding of a new hotel concept in Downtown Detroit I was ecstatic. I was fortunate enough to be able to design the logo of both the hotel as well as the restaurant attached to it.

What is Trumbull & Porter?

The name is derived from the cross streets the hotel is located at. Part of the request was to create an icon that can stand alone on it’s own and be used on various assets throughout the hotel.

The icon is a monogram of “T” “&” and “P” that forms a slightly asymmetrical symbol. I purposefully weaved in elements that resemble overpasses and streets via the stroke through the middle and the gaps in some of the areas where the letters overlap to pay homage to the fact the hotel is named after these cross roads.

Versatility of the logo / wordmark

The logo needed to be able to be used with and without the "icon" and be very legible as it was planned to be used on various elements, ranging from the front of the building to the branded bikes that would be available for guests.

*Note unfortunately we were only in control of the logo design, after we handed it over the hotel created additional signage from it that defers slightly from how the stylguides / files were delivered, but that's life right?

Murals / Street Art

Part of the reason I was so glad to be part of this project was due to the focus on integrating murals into the design and branding of the hotel. I love seeing companies support art and artists so this was a perfect fit for me.

Mural on left by Michelle Tanguay
Mural on right by Ouizi
Mural by Ellen Rutt

*Note I did not shoot these photos as I was not in the country when they were installed, so you can click to the source I found them from online.

I truthfully had no idea what a "Dunn" meant when I was asked to create this logo...

It is a term relating to birds if you didn't know, and this restaurant's menu was centered around poultry. To compliment the obscure terminology used in name of the restaurant we went with an art deco theme for the typography that was to give off a a slightly more elevated tone for the restaurant.